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2016 in retrospect
Sat 31 December 2016 — download

End of December, beginning of January, time for the (now usual) retrospective.

In 2016, I

  • wrote an article in MISC about cryptography;
  • went slowly back to sports, mostly rock climbing;
  • made new friends, and didn't lose any old ones, and I'm really glad that they're still there;
  • created a small web-based wargame with friends;
  • slowly started to rebuild my collection of teas;
  • gave various talks about radare2, and a big one about Tails;
  • abandoned several cool projects, like Tails and MAT, with the hope of getting back to them at some point;
  • attended a dear friend's wedding;
  • found the time to read some books from Foucault, Bourdieu, De Beauvoir, Sartre … I'm planning to read at least Despentes, Durkheim, and to (finally) finish my Proudhon books next year;
  • published 20 posts on this blog; by the way, I changed its appearance too, thanks to skeleton. It's now fully responsive, and also hopefully prettier;

I don't remember last year, and I don't have much memory of one before either, so I don't really know if there is some kind of improvement. I hope I'll remember this one, and the ones after.