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2015 in retrospect
Thu 31 December 2015 — download

End of December, beginning of January, a lot of things happened to me last year.

In 2015, I

  • kept being vegetarian, and slowly started to become vegan
  • held another workshop at hacklu
  • gave a talk at RECon with crowell about radare2, which made me realise that my English accent really sucks.
  • did 3 releases of mat
  • got a job
  • stopped taking super-duper-spooky medication and having less panic/anxiety attacks
  • went to Bucharest to play the Defcamp CTF with the Shellphish team.
  • attended BerlinSide
  • contributed to metasploit
  • didn't lose any close friends, and made new ones
  • got op on #io, then k-lined by bla
  • was invited 3 days at San Francisco for a job interview
  • gained some weight back, from less than 40kg to my regular 65kg ones
  • wrote 45 blogposts
  • saw my country take a dark path
  • did an interesting internship in a small IT-security company
  • moved between 3 flats

Also, at the end of his film Citizenfour, Laura Poitras thanked the contributors of some Free software projects, among them were Tor, Tails and OTR: I contribute(d) to them, and it really felt great to be indirectly thanked in an Oscar-winning film!

This was a better year than the previous one, I hope to see you all well and alive for the next one.