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Mon 18 July 2016 — download is now live. It's a web-oriented wargame, born from frustration that there are too few interesting web challenges available around, and that they are either:

  • bug bounties, but once a vulnerability has been disclosed, other can't play with it
  • capture the flags, but once it's over, most of the time, the challenges aren't available any more (with the notable exception of the fluxfingers ones: kudos!)
  • too easy to be interesting for people familiar with web security
  • with mandatory registration (or mandatory javascript, because who cares about accessibility, right?)

This is why, several people of #websec gathered around and took the time to created a new (eponym) wargame. Contributions, feedbacks and unintended solutions are of course more than welcome.

So far, we've got something like 20 bullshit-free challenges, please enjoy!