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My Tails talk at the Nuit du Hack 2016
Sun 03 July 2016 — download

Nuit du Hack 2016 logo

Yesterday, I gave a talk with my friend fr33tux entitled "Tails - Security, Maintainability and Usability, pick three!" at the Nuit du Hack.

I was told that some people didn't attend the talk because they "already know about Tails". Maybe we should have emphasised that it wasn't about "What is Tails and how to use it", but about how the Tails project is working internally, problems that it faces, both from technical and social points of view: We thought that this might be an interesting non-technical talk.

You can get the slides here, the sources here and the video here. Despite the fact that there was something like 1800 people attending, it was a disappointing experience: the stage area was also the sponsors one, generating a lot of noise and activity in the room. I still don't know if people were paying attention or not to what I was saying, and had no feedback at all from the public. It was really unpleasant, since I didn't knew if the crowd thought that my slides were fun, disappointing, boring, … so I couldn't adapt my speech.

This wasn't the only disappointment: The only way to get something to drink and food snacks was the sponsors booths, there was no code of conduct, some sponsors where questionable, photos and telephone numbers were required for speakers (over clear-text emails), there was some "please don't take me in photo" stickers but it seemed that no one cared, and I had to ask several time to people to not take my picture or to delete it.

On the positive side, I had some fun with the tasteless ctf team (who ranked 3rd on the CTF, congratz), met Antonio Bianchi from the Shellphish, mrexodia showed me the basics of x64dbg, and I was convinced that I still can not replace my beloved Burp with ZAP, …