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Radare2 at the Grehack 2016
Sun 20 November 2016 — download

Logo's of the GreHack

This weekend, I had the pleasure to give a workshop about radare2 at the grehack, along with my friend skia, who did a Radare Summer of Code to improve structures support. We'll try to open more seats next time, since a lot people wanted to attend it, despite the fact that apparently, another workshop had free alcohol.

Due to the unexpected cancellation of a speaker, I was asked if I could do a small talk (15 minutes) about radare2, so I prepared a classic one, showing slides, presenting the tool, yadayada, but guedou (the cool guy that did the scapy talk/workshop) convinced me, during the speaker's diner, that I should do a cool demo instead. Thanks to the chartreuse and the red wine, it sounded like a really great idea! So I spent a non-negligible portion of the night writing slides, and apparently, people enjoyed me telling poor jokes while trying to make my demo work on stage.

You can download the workshop material (slides, binaries, exploits, …) here, and as usual, free free to drop on #radare if you have questions, ideas, bug reports, …

Also, this year, Tetrane was sponsoring the event, and had a booth in the hall. I almost worked for them two years ago, and had one of the best job interview in my life. It was nice to finally meet them in person: those guys are super-great, their technology is really interesting, and they are hiring ;)

Many thanks to the Grehack organisation for inviting us, and for doing their very best to ensure the success of the event. It was a great occasion to change one's mind (and to understand how a 15EUR/person/night hotel can that cheap: feeling like a student again.).