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Lets go to r2con together
Sat 13 August 2016 — download


Radare2 is now ten years old. I started to use it 4 years ago, and my first code contribution was almost exactly 3 years ago, to fix a small typo. I learned a lot while contributing to it (mostly patience, exotic architectures, and weird-ass C I guess…), met some really cool people, gave talks and workshops all around the world, got interesting job offers, and spent way too much time exchanging pictures of food in radare2's irc channel.

To celebrate the first decade of radare2, the mastermind behind radare2 is organising a convention in Barcelona, the 8th, 9th and 10th of September: the r2con. The talks and workshops will be mostly revolving around radare2, its usages, ecosystem, development and testing processes, scripting, historical summaries, advanced and exotic usages, and a lot of less serious stuff.

Unfortunately, since there is a small limited amount of places, I don't think that we'll be able to play spot the feds together this year, but I still do hope to meet you there anyway, to exchange about reversing and exploiting interesting and/or stupid stuff, on the rooftop, under the Spanish sun, with a beer in the hand.

See you there ♥