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Sat 25 October 2014 — download

I'm back from 2014!

It was a really great 4 day long convention in Luxembourg, organised by the CIRCL (those guys are awesome) at the Alvisse hotel.

I did two 6h-long workshops about radare2 with maijin and xvilka in front of a crowed room: I think that in total, more than 60 people attended! We didn't expected much people and planned only one workshop. But we ended up refusing people and doing a second one the day after!

Maijin did the first part, dedicated to reversing and actually using radare2, I did the second one about exploitation, and xvilka did the last (and most impressive in my opinion) one; about reversing and analysing firmwares. It was exhausting, but really cool to show/speak about radare2 to interested people: Most of my speeches about it are aimed at newbies and only show basic usage. It was surprising to get technical questions on specific points, usages and implementation details, and quite impressive to see people actually using radare2 to craft working exploits after a 10 minutes basic explanation of the involved commands. 2014 badge

Since I'm not using twitter I didn't had much feedback about the workshops, but it seems that overall, people enjoyed it. The slides and practical materials should appear on the radare blog and on the archive. You can also grab my slides on my local mirror.

Sadly, I didn't had the time to play (with the hackgyver team) the awesome ctf organized by the FluxFinger (Some of them attended the workshop!!!). A couple of teams used radare2 for some challenges, watch for writeups!

I also did a 5 minutes lighting talk about radare2, in front of the whole assembly. I originally planned to do it in 10 minutes, so it was quite an interesting exercice. udgover told me that It was a nice lightning talk. Precise, concise and fun, so I guess it was ok-ish. Speaking in front of ~200 persons is a wonderful experience, and I look forward to do a full-talk next time!

I'd like to highlight the fact that the food at was really great (I spent almost all the con either eating or writing slides/doing the workshop). Ho, and by the way, it seems that saying that you're looking for an internship before doing your workshop is one of the best ways to get interesting offers ;)

I met a lot of great people, friends, and made new ones, managed to actually see some talks, greeted the Luxembourgian version of nos oignons: Frënn vun der Ënn, and even to put faces on some io players/idlers.

I'd like to thank pancake for radare2, xvilka and maijin for bearing me, crowell for helping me to get a clean exploit for Ropasaurus Rex, my school for allowing me to postpone my exams, and the staff for inviting me!