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recon2015, the aftermath
Wed 24 June 2015 — download

A month ago, I said that I'll give a talk (with crowell (super-cool guy by the way.)) at the recon, in Montreal; and so did I. You can find the slides here, and I'll update this blogpost once the video is available on the internet.

recon speaker badge and t-shirt

It was a thrilling experience to speak in front of something like 350 persons, most of them being super-pro at reverse engineering (and IDA Pro fans).

We had (surprisingly) a lot of positive feedback about it, the only negative one was that my voice was super-monotonic; super-sorry about this, lesson learned, I promise! Let's blame the stress and the jet-lag ;)

I'd like to thank the REcon team for inviting me and paying for the hotel and plane.

It was a really cool con, and I met a lot of great people; maybe we'll do a training about radare2 there next year? Who knows.

Some random notes:

  • Undo is an overrated feature, sorry david. Also, I hope that you'll manage to attract contributors in your garage :)
  • There was a thermos and a towel in the recon welcome package :D (I also brought back way too many things back, including 2L (or 68oz) of maple syrup for my coworker who promised that they'll kill me if I didn't.)
  • I'm sorry Stefan, but this was too tempting (and super-sorry for butchering your name).
  • I've got some paper copy of the latest POC||GTFO \o/
  • I was disappointed by the fact that some talks had a pair of sexist slides; not cool.
  • Beer is super-expensive in Montreal.
  • Thanks to the concerned citizen in Russia who sent me a text-message because the american person in the same town than me didn't managed to send me one.
  • Did you know that you can search for ROP gadgets in avr with radare2?
  • We (the r2crew and a German guy) pwned the movfuscator crackme in less than 20 minutes. I might write a blogpost about this later if some people are interested (I'll trade our solution for the flag. It was one of the best talk at REcon in my opinion; thank you very much domas, I can't wait for your next version!
  • The microphones and the video worked flawlessly, we basically stepped on stage, and started to speak; congratz to the organization team for that.
  • Thanks to everyone who offered me a job, although I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't get any super-shady ones this time
  • Air Canada is awesome; so far, it's the best company that I have ever flew with. Don't forget to order vegan meal to be served first ;)
  • I really look forward to go to more event with r00tbsd, since he always ends up in weird things
  • Stop writing html by hand!
  • As usual, I was amused by everyone's accent, including mine.
  • Thanks to crowell for learning LaTeX (worst language ever) to write slides until the last minute with me. Since we had some (~25min) delay, we technically wrote the slides during our talk :D
  • Fuck you jet lag.