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2019 in retrospect
Tue 31 December 2019 — download

End of December, beginning of January, time for the usual retrospective.

In 2019, I

  • Published 30 blogposts
  • Went back to bouldering
  • Slowly ramped up my German level again, I'm now working on reaching a C1 level.
  • Got a first hand and very practical demonstration of why, as we say in French, "tout le monde deteste la police": it was a great opportunity to have a small glimpse of how interesting life can be when you're a foreigner.
  • Continued to maintain Snuffleupagus, porting it to PHP7.4 and PHP8.0. It was also featured in the Daily Swig, a blog for not-so-technical-people about web-security, by the fine people from Portswigger.
  • Went to the Hellfest, one of the biggest metal festival in Europe: It really felt like Disneyland for metalheads, and the lineup was pretty dope.
  • Did a couple of release of mat2, adding cool features, and got a lot of positive feedback, yay!
  • Played Defcon CTF quals with Sauercloud. I used to play with the Shellphish (thanks to crowell for inviting me), but since some colleagues of mine are part of Sauercloud, I chose to play with them: it's funnier to play while sitting next to your teamates, instead of being the only one on the other side of the world.
  • Moved to a new flat, smaller than my previous indecent palace, but also more peaceful.
  • Attended the 36c3, met old friends there, and made new ones.
  • Got an article of mine published in the first issue of Paged Out!, which was downloaded ~150.000 times!
  • Gave a hand organising a large-ish CTF weighting about 50 on ctftime: it was a lot of fun!
  • Gave a talk at BSides Zurich about the social and technical organisation of Nos oignons.
  • Gave yet an other radare2 workshop, this time at the Grehack 2019, along with a good friend on mine.
  • Added a dark theme to this blog
  • Gave a talk at ███ ████ and got a lot of nice feedback about it!
  • Started to contribute to airsonic, because it's the less suckish web music player available. I found a couple of security issues in it, modernized some parts, and removed a lot of code. I'd like to keep improving it in 2020.

2019 was indeed more cheerful than 2018, and I hope that it wasn't just an accident.