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2018 in retrospect
Mon 31 December 2018 — download

End of December, beginning of January, time for the usual retrospective.

In 2018, I

  • Published 39 blogposts, bringing the total to more than 200, time flies.
  • Wrote three articles in French for paper magazines: one about Snuffleupagus in GNU/Linux Magazine, and two others, about angr and Snuffleupagus again, in MISC.
  • Speaking of Snuffleupagus and speaking of speaking, I spoke at the 44con and Pass the Salt
  • Became better at snowboarding.
  • Helped with the deployment of a new Tor node called elenagb for Nos oignons, we're getting closer of being responsible for 2% of the exit traffic of the whole network.
  • Didn't resign from my previous job in 2017 when the CEO of the parent company told me that it was acceptable to host homophobic spouseware, and that we're not going to kick them out. We've been even called out by Marlène Schiappa, the current Secretary of State of Secretariat of Equality between women and men I finally left this year, for other reasons, but I'm still feeling immensely guilty about this.
  • Got a new job in the security team of a big company, and moved outside of the European Union in a kick-ass flat. I'm already missing the simplicity and universality of pensions and healthcare of France. Some of my flatmates are native English speakers, so hopefully mine will improve and you'll see less grammar mistakes in my articles.
  • Wrote a new version of MAT from scratch called MAT2, packaged in Debian, but also available in ArchLinux, fedora, gentoo, …
  • Bumped into someone after a conference at a train station that complimented me on my blog after seeing my nickname on my badge. Apparently, people are actually reading my little corner of the web, yay!
  • Contributed a lot to Wappalyzer.

2018 was interesting, I do hope that 2019 will be more cheerful.