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Nos Oignons at BSides Zürich 2019
Sat 21 September 2019 — download

The 14th of September, I had the pleasure to give a talk at BSide Zurich, entitled Nos Oignons — Operating large Tor relays in France, in front of 140 people. The slides are available here, there is no video recording, so you won't have the associated jokes.

The conference went like this:

  1. 3 talks of 20 minutes each
  2. a small coffee break
  3. 30 minutes of questions, with one dedicated room per speaker
  4. lunch in a nearby restaurant, outside
  5. 3 talks of 20 minutes each
  6. a small coffee break
  7. 30 minutes of questions, with one dedicated room per speaker
  8. social event

As an attendee, being able to converse, with a group of interested people, directly with the speaker about their talk, for 30 minutes uninterrupted is really nice.

As a speaker, I didn't get any stupid questions, was able to provide long and nuanced answers, and had interesting conversations.

Moreover 20 minutes is short, meaning no bullshit intro, but also some fuckityfuck moment when the timekeeper shows the "5 minutes remaining" sign to the speaker. Speaking of bullshit, or the lack thereof, almost all the talks were nice; I really liked Claudio Guarnieri's keynote, Michael Kurth's thesis at VUSec about CPU attacks and introduction to 5G security by Ravishankar Borgaonkar. Oh and the cookies were great.