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Back from berlinside
Sun 07 June 2015 — download

Last week-end, I went to BerlinSide, in Germany.

There was some cool talks, ranging from topological approach of quantum computing to pwning VPN malwares providers, from powerful binary diffing to preventing SQL injections with graphs homotopy.

berlinside 2015

Xvilka, maijin and I hold an island (some kind of informal workshop) about radare2 during the second day. It seems that nobody knew that you could run radare2 on your iPhone and debug an application with it from your desktop. Maybe I shall write a post on the radare2 blog about this feature.

You can grab my exploit-related material here. Please notice my ghetto method to make the exploit simple and libc-independent :D

I also went to c-base, the coolest hackerspace that I have ever seen.

Anyway, fun was had, cool people were met, and beer were drank : it was a great con, see you there next year!