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Wolfendoom - Blade of agony
Mon 12 June 2017 — download

WolfenDoom logo

I was planning to work on interesting personal projects this week-end, but (un)fortunately, a friend of mine told me about WolfenDoom:

Blade of Agony is a story-driven FPS. The project is inspired by WWII shooters from the 90's and early 2000's, like Wolfenstein 3D, Medal of Honor, and Call of Duty, but with faster-paced gameplay in the spirit of Doom! The game can be played standalone using the GZDoom engine as a base.

Despite the fact that I'm not big on playing computer games, this one sounded awesome, and since GZDoom is running natively on Linux, I gave it a try; and spent a non-negligible part of my week-end on it.

I never liked Doom very much, because I felt that the motion were way too rigid (but I really do enjoy Quake and Quake 3). I was a bit concerned to have the same feeling when playing WolfenDoom, but to my surprise, everything is super-smooth: you can jump, crouch, look around, … and the movements are pretty fast-paced!

The 24 maps are full of details, with their own atmosphere: the Wall of the Atlantic's front-line, some outpost in Tunis, underground secret bases, gloomy forests, South America, Paris, the Alps, ancien mines, … the skybox in C2M6 made me have a "wow" moment; I really felt small and lost in the middle of montains during a snow storm, looking for that damn secret Nazi facility.

The level design on its own is impressive too: unlike modern games, you're not following a corridor from point A to point B; there are different way to achieve objectives, lots of secrets to discover, backtracking, optional paths, …

The graphics aren't as appealing as brand-new power-hungry games, but it's not a heap of ugly retro pixel mash either: the textures, like the animations, are astonishing, It run without much trouble on my X230 with an HD3000 and a 5 years old CPU, and can even look good on more beefy machines:

A wolfendoom screenshot

Another wolfendoom screenshot

And the last map, ô the last map (aka c2m6_c): everything is perfect: the level design, and the graphics, the scenery, the lights, everything!

You can download it on its official website, but if you're not running Windows, you should grab a native version of GZDoom too. And if you don't trust (as you rightfully should) the binaries, the source code (like the GZDoom one) is available under a Free license ;)