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We should go to the r2con together, again
Sun 06 May 2018 — download


Remember last year, when I wrote an article about the r2con 2017? It was the second edition, and it was great. The first part, the workshops, took place at the last floor of the (beautiful) Edifici històric de la Universitat de Barcelona , during two days. The second one, the talks, were in a big and cosy amphitheater, with a crowded opening.

I improvised a complete workshop because there was many more people attending than initially planned, stuffed a fridge with more than 16 different kind of French cheese, got enigmatic plants from Hong-Kong, drank some beers, witnessed a core war (powered by radare2's emulation layer of course), …

There even was a fancy badge for the speakers and friends, indicating various information like the status of the build, the last commit, github stars, … It was done by NighterMan, mostly because he was looking for a pretext to play with electronic, and to rant about it during its talk.

condret gave an enthusiastic talk about the brand new input/output layer of radare2 name siol, and the limitations of the old one.

As usual, pancake shew awesome radare2 features that not everyone knew about, this time using a minecraft themed slide deck. He's a minecraft fetishist. Maybe one day I'll tell your about his "radare2 in minecraft" project.

We had the pleasure to have the Google Summer of Code students on stage too, to tell us about their experiences, what they implemented, why they thought that it was a great idea to waste their whole summer in front of their computer writing C code for radare2, …

Surprisingly, there were talks about people that weren't close to the r2 inner-circle community, like Travis Goodspeed or ak42. It was refreshing to see new faces amongst the known ones. Maybe people are starting to use radare2 for something else than simple crackmes after all…

And of course, we took some pretty pictures:

first group photo second group photo

This year, for the third edition, from September the 5th to the 8th, in Barcelona, again, there will be 2 days of trainings (and hackatons), and then 2 days of talks.

Although I'm not active anymore in radare2's codebase, I'm still helping people on irc, holding workshops, rewriting the website and trying to convince pancake to put it in production, I'll go to the r2con, because the community is amazing, because albeit I'm doing more web-related things lately, I still like reversing binaries and writing exploits, and I would like to go with you.

See you there ♥