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Let's go back r2con together
Wed 02 August 2017 — download


I already wrote an article last year about the r2con, and more specifically about why we should go there together. The last (and first) edition was a success (albeit my love of efficience and order was a bit tore apart by the Spanish way of organising and hosting a conference, but it's ok, I improved my "I don't give a fuck about this" and "let's relax" skills.), with 120 attendees, a dedicated poster, a giant r2-themed cake, a talk given in Spanish by skuater which was super-great (I don't speak Spanish very well at all, like almost half of the audience then, but we still had a lot of fun, trying to understand each other, drawing, mimicking, guessing what the other tried to convey), technical issues, awesome food, unexpected encounters, a GUI anouncement, stickers, surprising talks by surprising people (for example, there was a biologist who explained how he's using radare2), …

This year, for the second edition, from September the 6th to the 9th, in Barcelona, again, there will be 2 days of trainings (and hackatons), and then 2 days of talks. Speaking of trainings, last year's talk/training from Alexander 'dark_k3y' Bolshev about reversing and exploiting tiny micro-controllers was awesome, this is why he's doing an improved version this year: studying rop-chains for µC is a bit mind-blowing. The agenda is already online, and it seems that this year, we'll have once again a vastly diverse set: from the limits of the emulation capabilities of r2 to forensics, from complete gameboy emulation to interfacing r2 with pretty much everything, … Ho, and we'll have a core-wars this year, running in radare2's emulator of course ;)

Contrary to last year, there are more people attending, so we might finally be able to play spot the feds together, while drinking beers, on the rooftop, under the sun of Barcelona, while devising about binary exploitation, reversing of stupid devices, and bitching about the latest defcon ctf, because a 9 bits middle-endian CPU architecture is always fun to implement in 24h.

See you there ♥