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Navidrome is accepted in the GSoC 2021
Tue 09 March 2021 — download

Good news everyone: navidrome has been accepted into the Google Summer of Code 2021! This means that if you're a student with no big plans for this Summer, you can apply to have me and my partner in crime deluan mentor you to implement cool features in your favourite music player, while being paid by Google. You have until the 13th of April 2021 to apply.

Navidrome is a neat alternative to the dying airsonic written in Go and React. It uses continuous integration, static analysis, a comprehensive unit/BDD/functional testsuite, linting, … long story short, modern software with proper/healthy development practises. Moreover, it has a nice growing community, that you're more than welcome to join.

I had the joy and pleasure to take part in the GSoC 10 years ago, to write mat, and mentored a couple of students for the radare2 project over the years. Those were amazing experiences, improving not only my coding skills, but my project management and technical writing as well. I also made a ton of friends in the process, met incredible and passionate people involved in all kind of niche/weird projects, managed to make some contributions count for my grades, gave conferences all around the world, saw students achieve incredible feats, …

It's an exciting opportunity, and we'll be happy to be part of it, with you.