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Navidrome, a self-hosted jukebox that sucks even less
Wed 16 September 2020 — download

Seven months after the publication of my Airsonic, a self-hosted jukebox that sucks less, time for an update: I've found something better than Airsonic: navidrome.

Written in Go instead of Java, using modern technologies instead of horrible java artefacts from a dark age, doesn't eat all my RAM nor has weird CPU spikes, uses a nice sqlite database instead of a weird Java-thingy-database, a ton of tests and linters running in a CI, supports transcoding via ffmpeg as well, a useable and maintainable frontend instead of a steaming heap of iframes, …

I didn't contribute as much as to airsonic, but I still did the following:

I plan to continue to fix the issues I might run into and do some code-review, likely security-related, and stop altogether to care about airsonic.

I'm currently running it flawlessly on a super-small VM, with 128MB of RAM and a single CPU, on a library of ~1500 albums for ~400 artists. The scanning time took a couple of minutes for the first run, but the incremental ones are now almost instantaneous. There are likely some missing features compared to airsonic, but I didn't notice anything too annoying.