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I gave a talk at Telecom SudParis
Thu 16 April 2015 — download

Thanks to Hydraze who invited me, I gave a one-hour talk for MiNET (The website is and not, nor, at Telecom SudParis, among great people like fo0, tomchop, A. Bonnefoi (amazing talk about GSM), Sebdraven and FliegenEinhorn. It was really great, and the organization was really stunning!

Mine was a quick introduction to reverse engineering, about why it's cool and why people should do it, with two demos:

  • How to play Age of Empire (game of the year 1997!) without the CD. Technically it's not a crack, more an enhanced compatibility patch, since I don't have a CD player on my laptop.
  • How to spawn a shell on a simple buffer-overflow, with a ret-to-reg.

You can get all the material with sources (Well, except Age of Empire of course) here, and if you want to make fun of the French reverse-engineering-related terms, the talk has been recorded.