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Donation campaign 2018 for Nos oignons
Sat 03 November 2018 — download

Banner of the fund-raising campaign

It's no secret that I do like the Tor project: Most of my traffic goes through it, I'm running some relays, I'm close to the Tails project, I'm giving talks and trainings about it, … and I'm also a sysadmin for Nos oignons.

Nos oignons is a 5 years old French non-profit association living on donations, dedicated to running Tor exit nodes in France, to improve the diversity of the network. A bit like Emerald Onions in Seatle, Frënn vun der Ënn in Luxembourg, Zwiebelfreunde in Germany, …

A bit less than 1 on 50 connections are going through one of our 6 nodes, we're providing a capacity of symmetric 600Mbit/s to the network and are amongst the top15 exit families. To keep our machines running, we need money: we're barely afloat thanks to recurring donations, but we would like to have some margin and to spawn a new relays: a single machine costs us, per day, around 30€.

This is why we're doing a donation campaign: more sustainability, resilience, and hopefully new exit nodes! Of course, goodies as in "postcards and posters" for you should you give more than respectively 10€ and 50€. Our yearly budget is about 12,000€, and a bit more than 80% of it goes directly to pay relays, you can find all the details here.

Help us to help the tor network in France, donate to Nos oignons!