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Diabolus Ex
Thu 02 August 2018 — download

Last week-end, I had several hours of train. So I wrote some code, read some paper, … but also played a map of DOOM2. I already wrote about a megawad called Blade of agony, but this time, it's a much smaller project.

DOOM meets Deus Ex. This map is a love letter to cyberpunk genre as a whole and the Deus Ex franchise in particular. Using the whole new set of custom made textures, the project aims to recreate the look and vibe of an unethical near future corporation run by the forces of hell.

Being a fan of the cyberpunk genre, this map was a delight: the level design is nice, secrets (and air vents) everywhere, the music (actually, a single track) does its job, the visuals and ambiance are astonishing… I was especially impressed by the reflections on the floors, the render of the lights, the glow of the neons, animated and translucent textures …

If it wasn't for the monsters and the weapons, you could easily believe that you're playing a retro version of the latest Deus Ex. By the way, speaking of monsters, if you don't like shooting them (or more likely being shot by them), the map is so well laid that it's worth exploring it even without any ennemies by starting it with the -nomonsters flag.

My screenshots could be prettier, but my computer isn't powerful enough to be able to handle ambiant occlusion, anti aliasing and other modern shininess without going into slideshow mode; and I wasn't patient enough to walk the level at 4 frames per second to take more impressive ones, sorry.

You can (and should) now:

  1. Download GZDoom here;
  2. get DOOM 2 here, since the DOOM2.WAD is required to play this mod;
  3. download the WAD here or here;
  4. check prettier screenshots than mine here while everything is downloading;
  5. play the mod;
  6. play it again in Nightmare difficulty;
  7. take the time to say something to the author here.