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2014 in retrospect
Wed 31 December 2014 — download

It's the end of December, time to make a appraisal.

This was my last year at school, and I'll be an intern in a small company (By the way, thanks to everyone who offered me an internship, I owe you all a beer!) starting from February, somewhere in France. If you're around, feel free to ping me, since I don't know anyone there.

In 2014, I

  • became vegetarian
  • got dumped (and realized that it's better that way) in an really awful manner
  • held workshops at
  • learned Spanish and Korean
  • met some great people
  • learned a lot
  • played some cool ctf with the hackgyver team
  • added some neat features to radare2 (and also a lot of blogposts on the r2 blog)
  • realised (once again) that I have truly awesome friends (You know who you are.)
  • moved my infrastructure to a new hoster and a new registrar
  • wrote things in ada
  • contributed to libotr
  • went to the Tails Hackfest
  • got my first CVE
  • did a lot of private (and some public) talks
  • moved between 4 flats
  • wrote some cool exploits
  • pwned some levels on io
  • took really spooky but incredibly efficient medication
  • went to London
  • got my piano back
  • lost something like 15kg, I'm now weighting around 45kg
  • wrote 35 blogposts
  • added several Mbps to the Tor network
  • discovered that I like to cook

In retrospect, this was a busy year, and I hope that 2015 will be more cheerful and exciting.