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PSES 2014
Sun 29 June 2014 — download

This weekend, I went to Pas sage en Seine, also know as PSES; a small con in Paris. I met some friends from Nos Oignons, drank some beers, signed GPG keys, trolled about cryptography, saw some greats talks from Stephane Bortzmeyer, Benjamin Bayart, Skhaen, RSF, LQDN, OSM, ... but I also did two (in French) myself!

The first one was about radare, and was entitled "Rétro-ingénierie avec radare2 - Parce que l'assembleur, c'est sympathique." (Reversing with radare2 - Because assembly is sympathetic). It went pretty well, despite the fact that I was super-tired and screwed up a demo: I spoke about assembly during one hour, and at the end, people were still awake, and even applauded! Since it was filmed, you can view it on youtube, along with the slides. It was a two-parts talk, the first one was an introduction about what is reverse-engineering, while the second was a two-parts demo: I showed a backdoor in a WAP54G access-point, and produced a quick and dirty crack for an old game.

The second was a lighting one, about the MAT (Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit), you can grab the slides here, and view the talk on youtube.

Kudos to the organisation, we'll likely see us next year.