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Within the Ruins
Wed 16 August 2017 — download

Within the Ruins poster

August, the 14th, I went to the Ferrailleur in Nantes (a small city in the West of France), to attend a Within the Ruins concert.

I'm a huge fan of their penultimate album, Phenomena: its first track, God amongst men, with its intro reminiscent of M∆chine from Born of Osiris, the impressive (and instrumental) Enigma with parts from Mario and Inspector Gadget, Clockwork and The Others, Ronin, … every single one has a distinctive signature, which is a bit surprising for a deathcore (yes, it's a real musical genre, I'm not making this up. You should check some band's name if you don't know about it.) band, while style having this peculiar tone from Within the Ruins.

Their new album, Halfway Human, with some clean vocals by their new bassist, sounds a bit more mature (and less fun) than the previous one; less Born of Osiris and more Fear Factory with a groovy taste.

So I was very curious about how it might sound like live. The auditorium was pretty small and half-empty; the first group was a deathcore band named Born Criminal that sounded like every other deathcore bands, followed by Œstre who had a vocals a bit too rough for my liking, and then finally, Within the Ruins! Impressive, both from a technical point of view (as usual), than from their presence; everyone was singing along, the ambience was (surprisingly) nice, … they played songs from every single album (Humans amongst Gods, Death of the Rockstar, Elite, Creature, I Blaspheme, Beautiful Agony, …), allowing old and new fans to enjoy the show. I wholeheartedly recommend attending one of their shows ;)

Fun anecdote: I attended the concert with someone who's as nice than she's small, that knew nothing about this kind of music: she ended up jumping in the pit, fist-bumping the musicians, got a fancy signed t-shirt, and is now dying to attend more concerts.