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vim + packet manager = Vundle
Sun 02 December 2012 — download

I started to get tired of maintaining every single vim plugin by hand. Of course, git can be useful for this, but fighting with submodules is not my cup of tea: this is where Vundle steps in!

Vundle (Vim + Bundle) is a plugin manager for vim. It allows install/manage/uninstall/keep up to date scripts from, github, or personal git repos. All of this, in a dead simple way. To install this awesome piece of software, just check the vundle website. To add a plugin to vim, you just have to add a single line in your .vimrc!

Here are my vundle-managed plugins:

Now, for backups, I just have to copy my .vimrc instead of my whole .vim directory. I don't have to fight anymore with submodules, because Vundle takes care of them for me.