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uBlock rules to make twitter bearable
Thu 18 November 2021 — download

Twitter is a taxes-avoiding money laundering scheme fueled by an ads-powered moist lukewarm cesspool walled echo-chamber full of armchair experts competing for internet points, swarms of propaganda shouting bots, promoted fascists, and corporate sales-oriented engagement bullshit, privacy crushing ads screamed at your face to manipulate you into buying useless crap, … where everyone knows very well that 140 glyphs are barely enough to express anything but the recycled context-lacking punchlines of the day, yet pretends that this "content" is somehow worth greedily reading consuming in real time via our spyphones nights and days. Of course, the form matches the content: no way to edit what you said, no chronological feed by default, used-to-be opaque verification process, garbage-novella of "privacy" policy, lack for correct search capabilities, racist AI, byzantine madness of ads and "promoted content", constant nagging to follow random as vocal as clueless internet celebrities, …

Anyway, the sad truth is that this blog now has a twitter account, @dustriorg, since RSS and Atom are apparently out of fashion those days. Meaning that I have have to login there from time to time, because I'm too lazy to automate the article posting via the API for now. To prevent my soul from being crushed to ashes when doing so, here is my set of uBlock Origin rules to make Twitter less dreadful to interact with:[aria-label="Bookmarks"][aria-label="Lists"][aria-label="Search and explore"][aria-label="Twitter"][aria-label="View Tweet activity"][href="/i/topics/picker/home"][href="/settings/notifications"]> aside[aria-label^="Who to follow"])[aria-label="Share Tweet"][aria-label="Timeline: Carousel"][aria-label^="Follow @"]:nth-ancestor(4)[aria-label^="Timeline: Trending"][aria-label^="Top Tweets"][data-testid="DMDrawer"][aria-label="Footer"] more):nth-ancestor(4) to follow):nth-ancestor(4) to follow):nth-ancestor(4)


Before the filters


After the filters

Yes, I don't like twitter very much.