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The more you see, the less you believe.

The POOP 2015
Mon 15 June 2015 — download

Last week-end, I was at the POOP, a smell small event mostly co-organised by Le Loop (a hackserspace), the Gare XP and the Jardin D'Alice (A squat).

The talks were super-eclectic, from rafi0t of the CIRCL about CIRCLean, to Inclusives and Queers video games. From Ethics in infosec (lol.), to the brique

POOP logo

I really enjoyed the one entitled "Our place in the climate change", by someone named Aneria, PhD in Climatology. It was a really comprehensive talk, starting from what is a climate and why/how they exist, how to study them, their cycles, the recent events/anomalies and their causes, and what can we do to revert/lower the processus.

It was also a cool opportunity to discover le Loop, where I assisted to a private talk about shitty appliances, and gave one about pwning with radare2. I'm quite sure that I'll go there on a regular basis.

Old friend were met, new one were made, beers (at free price) were drank. Cool event.