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Tails Hackfest
Thu 10 July 2014 — download

tails banner

Last week, there was the Tor Dev meeting and the Tails Hackfest. Unfortunately, I went to the first one only on Friday. It was quite nice to met people that I only knew by irc nicknames: ioerror, arma, mikeperry (my GSoC2012 mentor), DrWhax, manhack, ...

I was impressed by Mozilla's offices, that are in the old embassy of Austria; you should definitively ask your search engine about them. I also went to the Quadr'apéro, organized by the Quadrature du Net, and although I don't like them that much, it was pretty OK.


The Tails Hackfest took place at the IRILL, and I think it was quite a success. I was mostly at the front-desk, giving stickers and information to people, so I didn't saw many talks. Overall people seemed to be interested and curious about Tails and the summit in general. Overall, I counted more than 100 different people, which is nice for a first edition.

On this occasion, I also met folks from, and we had an interesting discussion about the future of libotr: the beginning of a modern and complete test-suite, refactoring of the code, and even maybe a new version of OTR with modern crypto!

I also had some chit-chat with the Subgraph people, and their email client looks really great; can't wait for the release.

See you next year for the second edition?