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Tails 3.4 reproductible build
Wed 10 January 2018 — download

Tails 3.4 was released on the 9th of January 2018, and I managed to successfully build it myself on two different machines, yielding the following checksums:

$ md5sum tails-amd64-3.4.iso
92fd2a2e112b16825cc5a0a34116cf5f  tails-amd64-3.4.iso
$ sha1sum tails-amd64-3.4.iso
277afecd059be34536d78af388be0fc5fe8a4d8b  tails-amd64-3.4.iso
$ sha256sum tails-amd64-3.4.iso
d989394e3beff68dfeb7d423f53af79ccf0c3ff46b50256b0e7aea5bfe5ded68  tails-amd64-3.4.iso
$ sha512sum tails-amd64-3.4.iso
55d5da9d5a69370178f2735ad041677ff28a0df6c8cb5b267c9a468fa012b311e4f51a245ca488b5394b9d9189dd31dd42f27761edab00967c41b88b6c92b1ef  tails-amd64-3.4.iso

My image is exactly the same as the official one, that you can download on the official website; don't forget to verify that its the official one.

I do encourage you to try to build it yourself, (it's not hard) and to publish the results online.

You can download a version of this blogpost signed with my current gpg key right here.