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Super-quick review of the openelec box
Sat 07 May 2016 — download

I wanted to replace my home-made NAS/mediacenter (an i7, with 16GB or RAM, and 3x3To on ZFS) with something less completely overkill more lightweight.

So I acquired a small NAS, and was looking for a machine to put kodi on. I ordered a wetek play.

openelec box

The box is small, fanless, and doesn't look cheap, and if you're too lazy to compile OpenElec yourself (of if you stumble upon the same gcc: Internal error than me), you can download OpenElec images tailored for your device.

[edit] It seems that OpenElec isn't maintained anymore, fortunately, there is an up-to-date fork named LibreElec.

First, I couldn't manage to make it detect my screen: the bundled HDMI cable doesn't work at all, so you'll have to buy one yourself.

Then, if your box is stuck into a boot-loop, you might need to open it to replug the security card. Why a security sim in a media center? Likely for software protection.

Now that everything is working, time to make it digest your music/tv show/movie collection. I have something like 750GB of music and 1.5TB of video than took a couple of hours to process completely, making it unusable during this time.

Performance-wise, the box plays impressively nice with large libraries, but often needs buffering when playing media (even for music sometimes), and you'll have to adjust your caching parameters if you want to watch HD films. Speaking of HD, the device's (lack of hardware) support of h265 will turn your films into powerpoints.

So overall an ok-ish device that is slowly starting to show its age.