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Snuffleupagus 0.7.0 - Los Elefantes
Sat 02 January 2021 — download

snuffleupagus logo

I just published a new release of Snuffleupagus, the hardening module for php7+ and now php8+, the version 0.7.0, codename "Los Elefantes", named after the famous Salvador Dalí's painting.

The biggest change is of the PHP8 support, which was mostly done in ea7c76b, a6c6934, 69719e4, 95ee1fa, a60798c, and 98ed3be

Other things include the end of the beta status: Snuffleupagus is now stable, and this release will likely be the last one before the 1.0.


  • PHP8 support
  • Stacktraces in dumps
  • The > operator now skips over functions
  • Move the CI from travis to gitlab-ci, since travis-ci isn't free anymore and way too expensive for me.
  • Some code simplifications and constifications
  • PCRE2 is now used when possible
  • The generate_rules.php script is now more portable
  • The strict mode is now disableable

As usual, if you want to help, we have some low hanging fruits

See you in your PHP stack!