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Snuffleupagus 0.5.1 - Order of the Elephant
Sun 21 June 2020 — download

snuffleupagus logo

I just published a new release of Snuffleupagus, the 0.5.1, codename "Order of the Elephant", named after Denmark's highest-ranked honour.

From now on, releases are signed with my personal key, instead of the NBS System one (498C46FF087EDC36E7EAF9D445414A82A9B22D78).

This minor release has only one new feature: the ability to log events directly to your syslog. The rest of the changes are either bugfixes, portability changes, tests improvements, documentation tweaks, and php7.4 compatibility ironings.


  • Add support for syslog
  • Improve OSX support
  • Improve marginally of php8+ compatibility
  • Improve php7.4 compatibility
  • Improve the default ruleset
  • Improve the documentation
  • Improve the gitlab CI

Logging improvements

There is now a sp.log_media directive, taking either php or syslog as argument. It allows to ensure that Snuffleupagus will log into syslog, regardless of the underlying php configuration.

As usual, if you want to help, we have some low hanging fruits

See you in your PHP stack!