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Snuffleupagus 0.4.1 - Loxodonta
Sun 23 December 2018 — download

snuffleupagus logo

We just did a new release of Snuffleupagus, the 0.4.1, named Loxodonta, after the genus to which African Elephants belong to.

As announced in the blopost, the previous release was my last one: since I'm no longer working for NBS System, I don't have access to the signing key any more. So kudos to kkadosh for doing this release entirely on his own!

The 20th of September, cypherbits opened an issue about a NULL-deref. This kind of things shouldn't happen in Snuffleupagus. So I decided to invest some time to bump the coverage, especially in corner-cases area: it went from 94% to a bit more than 99% between this release and the previous one, uncovering some bugs that are now fixed.

A big thank to Rémi Collet for providing patches, investigating issues, and taking care of Snuffleupagus in Fedora!

Also, thanks to Franco Fichtner, Snuffleupagus is available in FreeBSD ports!



  • The script provided to check is uploaded files are containing valid PHP is now available in PHP too, so you don't have to install Python if you don't want to.
  • The hooking logic for mb_string have been improved, yielding an unnoticeable performance boost
  • The coverage has been improved, allowing to clean up a bit the code, and remove some minor dead portions.
  • The simulation mode for cookies is now working in a much better way.
  • PHP7.3 is now supported.
  • Thanks to feedback from users, the documentation has been improved.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a segfault on 32 bits builds
  • Fix a segfault when using the strict_comparison feature with arrays

As usual, if you want to help, we have some low hanging fruits

See you in your PHP stack!