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Radare2 is accepted in the Google Summer of Code 2018
Tue 06 March 2018 — download

This year again, radare2 was accepted in the Google Summer of Code. There are several tasks available, and I do happen to be a mentor for one of them, the ROP-chain generator, mostly because I'm too lazy to write them by hand, incidentally because angrop is still too slow ;)

Radare2 already has a search engine for ROp gadgets via /R, so your task will be to:

  1. Improve its speed
  2. Classify gadgets
  3. Likely use ESIL to feed a constrain solver in order to generate specific chains
  4. Party hard with us at the next r2con!

So if you're a student and want to spend the summer getting paid to write code for radare2 to help CTF players all around the world, with me and the entire radare2 crew to yell at you help you as much as we can, hurry up! You have until the 27th of March, 2018 to apply.