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Proxmox without Java
Fri 14 March 2014 — download

I'm not a sysadmin. I don't like to spend time deploying things, managing systems, handling updates, backups, ...

But I also like virtual machines. I played with virtualbox, libvirt, vagrant, puppet, ... but I didn't fall in love.

A friend of mine is using proxmox, both at work and at home, and was constantly bragging about its nice shiny features.

Proxmox Virtual Environment is a complete server virtualization management solution,
based on KVM virtualization and containers.

Based on Debian and KVM: nice. I installed it, uploaded an iso, created a VM and... Wat. Java required? In my browser? In 2014? How about no?

Fortunately, the latest version supports SPICE.

  1. Install virt-viewer, to get the remote-viewer tool.
  2. On the web interface, in your VM's section, under the hardware tab, enable SPICE in display item.
  3. I had to reboot, but it's likely just me being a moron^w^winfected by badbios.
  4. A SPICE button should now be present in you VM section. Clicking on it will download a spice token, usable for 30 seconds.
  5. remote-viewer spiceproxy --debug
  6. ???

You can now enjoy proxmox without having to install oracle-bloatware-RCE-Java-plugin.exe