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Pasthis - A stupid simple pastebin
Thu 06 February 2014 — download

I wanted a pastebin, to paste some text/snipets and share them with my friends. Most of the available ones tend to do much more than being a pastebin ("Do you want to share this paste on Facebook ?"), are written in weird languages (NodeJS, Ruby, Clojure), are badly written, are not maintained, are based on huge frameworks (Symphony, Sinatra, Zend, Django) are depending on a shitload of dependencies (Because you surely have time to review 20k lines of code), are requiring a complete DBM, are requiring javascript, ...

So I wrote one with aj, in php, that only depends on SQLite. It is documented, simple, specified, lightweight, clean, self-contained, spam-resistant, secure, with a cli and also dead-easy to deploy.

It's named pasthis (A portmanteau between pastis and paste this), under GPL, and you can get it here.

We released the version 1.0 today, enjoy.