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Parkway drive
Wed 06 March 2019 — download

Parkway drive tour poster

Recently, I attended a Parkway drive concert with some coworkers of mine. I didn't know anything about this band, beside that they are considered emblematic in the metalcore scene, and aren't from the US nor Germany, but from Australia, which isn't that common. They are apparently famous for their show à la Rammstein, with a ton of flames and pyrotechnic effects, which is equally uncommon (and scary as hell when unexpected gigantic flames are pop'ing out of nowhere right behind your back.).

I was surprised to discern a couple of heavy-metal constructs in some of their songs, resulting in a catchy sing'along vibe. While there is no clear vocals, they're using choirs from time to time, like in Wild eyes or in Prey (with its haunting chorus ♫ Prey, we are all, prey for the sorrow ♫)

I was impressed by the performance Wishing wells, the whole room getting dark, with only a thin beam of light falling on the singer, speaking/whispering the intro, which is, compared to the kinda cheesy lyrics of the other songs, pretty ok: As usual with metal bands, most of the lyrics are either in prose, or with approximate rhymes. The rest of the track is screamed, and apparently everybody knew the lyrics but me.

I was surprised by Shadow boxing, starting like a ballad, switching to hip-hop for the verses, a screamed chorus with strings (3 violins and 1 cello) in the background sounding a bit like the "Black knight satellite" leitmotiv from Pain. How do I know about the numbers of strings? Because there were literally people playing violin and cello on stage :)

At around ⅔ of the concert, the room went dark, everybody was wondering what was happening: was it already the end? If so why aren't the lights turning on? If it wasn't, well, why was there no music anymore? Then suddenly, the frontman appeared along with the cello player, in the middle of the crowd, on a little platform in front of the sound control. It was equally unexpected, nice for the people in the back, and kinda' classy.

All in all, a nice evening. I listened to their last album, Reverence, and like the concert, it's quite good, I would recommend giving a try to both of them ;)