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Nuit du Hack 2014 Quals
Sun 06 April 2014 — download

The hackgyver ranked 28 on 499 registered teams, and on 240 teams with at least one point. We were four players:

We played during the 24h, and we did several mistakes:

  • Not eating enough
  • Not sleeping at all: we weren't productive at all during the last 6h
  • Pwning the easier challs first, keeping the harder ones for the end.

This was the first time that we played a ctf while beeing physically in the same room, and was pretty fun. We saw only one reversing chall, and no (classical) pwn at all.

Last year, we ranked 55th, this year, 28th. If everything goes as planned, we shall ends in the top10 next year ;)

Greets to the hexpresso, we're looking to meet you IRL folks!