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Nos-Oignons, behind the scene with the adminsys team
Sat 24 October 2015 — download

Since there will likely be a cool article about hacklu on the radare blog, this one will focus on the (awful) lighting talk that I gave there, about Nos oignons; you can grab the slides here by the way.

nos-oignons logo

The beamer wasn't working great with my laptop, so I freaked out a bit, and rushed the whole thing. Yes, I rushed a lighting talk. Super-sorry about this.

Anyway, the topic was about how we, the Nos oignons sys-admin team, are managing our infrastructure. Thanks to nicoo, we managed to open our internal wiki for this occasion! It contains a lot of information about how to manage machines (especially Tor nodes) with a small team.

Now go find your friends, and do like Frënn vun der Ënn or Nos oignons: run some Tor relays in your country!