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mat2 for the web
Fri 01 February 2019 — download

Since its beginning, mat's interface has always been horrible. Despite being a window with 4 buttons, nobody managed to use it properly. So for mat2, based on a suggestion of intrigeri the choice was made to do a file-manager extension instead, and so far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive!

But not everyone is using Nautilus Files, let alone a Linux distribution; and nope, I'm not crazy enough to try to package mat2 and all its dependencies for Windows, nor OSX. So I went for the easiest solution: a web application, using flask for the backend and skeleton for the frontend, released under MIT license, with a comprehensive testsuite.

It looks like this:

Welcome screen of mat2-web Successful cleaning

While it might look pretty due to the usage of Skeleton, it still feels a bit clunky, so if you know some web-fu, you're more than welcome if you want to help

And now, the obvious question: Why should anyone trust me with their data? The answer is equally obvious: they shouldn't. While I promise that I don't keep a copy of them (or am I?), there is no way for me to prove it. This is why the instance on is only meant to be used as a demo; you should deploy your own!

I was told that there is already a French newspaper with an internal instance ;)