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MAT2 0.5.0
Tue 23 October 2018 — download

There is a new minor version of MAT2, the 0.5.0, with a major new feature, and various improvements.


  • Video (.avi files for now) support, via FFmpeg, optionally
  • Lightweight cleaning for png and tiff files
  • Processing files starting with a dash is now quicker
  • Metadata are now displayed sorted
  • Recursive metadata support for FLAC files
  • Unsupported extensions aren't displayed in ./mat2 -l anymore
  • Improve the display when no metadata are found
  • Update the logo according to the GNOME guidelines, thanks to poncho
  • The testsuite is now runnable on the installed version of mat2
  • Various internal cleanup/improvements

Side note: How options injections are prevented

Because I spent way too much time thinking about how to prevent options injection before finding the super obvious solution, here it is, just in case someone face the same issue: don't rename the file, don't copy the file, don't move the file, don't use decorators to do that, don't yell at Python's exception system, don't use tempfile, … just prefix the name of the file with ./, that's it.


I wrote a small article (in French) about mat2 for a mildly famous website, and the commente where overwhelmingly positive, except one person that took offense of the address where the source code is hosted, 0xacab.

Since mat2 is now available in Debian, there are now popularity stats:

Popcon stats


Despite the support for videos, this release didn't bring many massive user-facing improvements, but I'm convinced that increasing usability and accessibility, operating under the principle of least astonishment, and eliminating friction points are things worth spending time on.

I'm expecting the 0.5.1 to fix video-related issues that slipped under the radar.

As usual, help is more than welcome.