MAT2 0.4.0
Wed 03 October 2018 — download

There is a new minor version of MAT2, the 0.4.0, with some interesting changes. It's also the first release of mat2 included in Debian thanks to georg.


  • There is now a policy, for advanced users, to deal with unknown embedded fileformats. Should the unknown files be kept? removed? the process immediately aborted? You can now chose!
  • Various minor refactoring
  • Improve how corrupted PNG are handled
  • Dangerous/advanced cli's options no longer have short versions
  • Significant improvements to office files anonymisation
    • Archive members are sorted lexicographically
    • XML attributes are sorted lexicographically too
    • RSID are now stripped
    • Dangling references in [Content_types].xml are now removed
  • Significant improvements to office files support
    • Anonimysed office files can now be opened by MS Office without warnings
  • The CLI isn't threaded anymore, for it was causing issues
  • Various misc typo fix
  • Documentation improvements


This release was mostly about fixing the issues about MS Office related documents reported by dkg. MAT2 is now removing way more fingerprintable metadata than before, is more robust and produce files that can now be opened by MS Office without a single warning!

Since I was told that this release will be the first one to go into Debian (yay!), I didn't plan much for the next one, because odds are that the new users will likely find a ton of bugs that I'll have to fix.

As usual, help is more than welcome.