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mat2 0.12.0
Fri 18 December 2020 — download

There is a new minor version of MAT2: 0.12.0, with no major new features but a couple of enhancements.


  • Improve significantly MS Office formats support
  • Fix some typos in the Nautilus extension
  • Improve reliability of the mp3, pdf and svg parsers
  • Improve compatibility with ffmpeg when sandboxing is used
  • Improve the dolphin extension usability
  • libmat2 now raises a ValueError on malformed files while trying to find the right parser, instead of returning None

I'm pretty happy about the reliability improvements, since it means less grumpy users. An other nice surprise is that someone spent the time to write an GTK user interface for mat2, and it looks amazing:

Screenshot of the ui Screenshot of the ui Screenshot of the ui

It also helped refining libmat2 to make it easier to be used by external projects.


A medium release, with nice surprises, and hopefully fewer bugs. As usual, if you know some python, help is more than welcome.