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MAT2 0.10.1
Sun 09 February 2020 — download

There is a new bugfix version of MAT2, the 0.10.1,


  • Improve the documentation as well as the manpage
  • Improve the robustness of css, html, png, gdk-based, exiftool-based parsers
  • Future-proof a bit the testsuite
  • Handle tiff files with a .tif extension
  • Improve the sandbox' usability
  • Add support for wav files


Since I'm currently fuzzing some Python things at work, I thought about fuzzing mat2 as well.

I've found unexpected exceptions in the handling of CSS, HTML, PNG, JPG, BMP.

I've also briefly fuzzed the only python dependency of mat2: mutagen, and found 9 unexpected exceptions and 3 infinite loops. I've also found a couple of issues in Python's stdlib, but this deserves a blogpost on its own.


A small release, fixing small bugs. As usual, if you know some python, help is more than welcome.