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MAT2 0.10.0
Sun 01 December 2019 — download

There is a new minor version of MAT2, the 0.10.0, with support for svg, inplace cleaning, as well as other minor improvements.


  • Make mat2 work on Python3.8
  • Minor improvement of ppt and odt handling, as well as other MS Office documents
  • Add an integration with KDE's file manager: Dolphin
  • mat2 now copies file permissions on the cleaned files
  • Add a flag to disable sandboxing
  • Tighten a bit the sandboxing
  • Add support for inplace cleaning
  • Better handling of mutually-exclusive arguments in the command line
  • Add support for svg and ppm
  • Cleaned zip files are compressed by default
  • Minor performances improvement when dealing with images/video files
  • Better handling of optional dependencies

SVG support

svg is an interesting file format, and one of the top feature request that I got, since apparently it's used a lot by UX/UI/graphic/… people. But since it's kinda tricky to handle it correctly, due to its complexity, I didn't think that it would be possible to support it without a massive amount of work that I really didn't want to do. Fortunately, there is an easy solution: like for PDf, render everything on a cairo surface, as save it on the file system as the original fileformat: svg.

Integration with Dolphin

Thanks to Miguel Angel Marco Buzunariz, mat2 can now trivially be integrated with Dolphin (KDE's file manager)! And because the code is super-trivial, it shouldn't break anytime soon, even if I'm not actively maintaining it, mostly because I don't use KDE.


mat2 is almost feature-complete, I still have a couple of issues that I would like to tackle before releasing mat2 1.0. As usual, if you know some Python, help is more than welcome.