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Mat 0.6
Wed 30 December 2015 — download

I managed to release the new version of MAT in 2015!

It doesn't bring many user-visible things, except updated translations, for more than 150 different languages, and TIFF files support.

Under the hood, some major changes happened: - Thanks to Rafiot, MAT is now using Travis-CI to run its testsuite on each commit. This brings shiny things like code coverage or automatic static analysis. - MAT is no longer relying on hachoir to parse files. MAT started (roughly) as an interface to hachoir in 2011, but now, it's time to move on: this library is not documented, has a lot of spaghetti code, isn't python3-compatible, … MAT is now using its own parsers for some files, mutagen for audio, exiftool for images, Cairo, Poppler and python-pdfrw (because Poppler won't let MAT manipulate metadata, but can't help himself to add some!). The code is now simpler and easier to understand. - Torrent files are now cleaned in a recursive manner: super-tricky-crafted torrent files won't be able to survive MAT with compromising non-standard fields.

As usual, you can get this release on the git repo, and it shouldn't take long before it gets uploaded into your favourite distribution.

By the way, if you know how to draw, I'm looking for a new logo, because I'm not entirely happy with the current one.