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Mat 0.4-rc
Wed 17 July 2013 — download

The new version of MAT (at least, its RC) is alive !

MAT's logo


0.4-rc - 17jul2013

  • Support of mp3/flac/ogg
  • Port from Gtk2 to Gtk3
  • Port to Glade
  • Simplification/Improvement of the GUI
  • Naming scheme of produced filenames change
  • Add a lot of translations
  • Multiples files can now be dropped in the GUI
  • Removal of adobe metadata with exiftool
  • A new MOTO ;)
  • Documentation
  • Bugfixes



This is a big release, with numerous new features. Unfortunately, due to some bugs, it does not have translations. This will be included in the final version. Ho, and by the way, did you notice that the MAT now has a shiny new website ?

Please test this rc and feel free to use the new bugtracker !