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Mat 0.3.4
Wed 09 January 2013 — download

Good news everyones (please read this with the voice of the Professor Farnsworth) : a new version of the MAT is out ! Well, officially, there are two version, but the 0.3.4 is mostly a hotfix for the 0.3.3.

MAT's logo


0.3.4 - 8jan2013

  • Bump dates
  • Update localizations
  • Refactor the way MAT's data are handled

0.3.3 - 5jan2013

  • Settings can now be changed for already added files
  • Improved the testsuite robustness
  • Fix (hopefully) for good the
  • Add the possibility to reduce produced pdf's quality and size
  • Bugfixes



I can't help to show you this nice graph, which represents the number of MAT's installation reported by popcon.