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I'm not really parallelisable
Wed 20 May 2015 — download

I had a lot of fun last weekend:

  • I played the defcon ctf qualification with (thanks to crowell who invited me) the (amazing) Shellphish, and we got the 12th place over 1472 teams!
  • I played the hashrunner contest with the john-user team, and we ranked 2nd, a bit behind the hashcat one. Trying to get as much broken hashes per second on a machine like the HPC village with little experience about such kind of hardware was a though challenge, especially when solar designer is making clear that it is my responsibility to keep this machine loaded ;) I had a lot of fun trying to guess patterns, wordlists, and assembling, crafting rules, seeing john spiting results, … you can read the team writeup here.
  • I managed to install and run an old game on wine, running inside GDB (I might blog about this.): it was awful.
  • I wrote a blogpost on the radare blog about how to pwn with radare2.

The point is that I'm not really wired to be highly parallelisable: Saturday was so exhausting that I was highly unproductive during the whole Sunday. I should have followed the UNIX motto "Do one thing and do it well" instead of the emacs one ;)

Anyway, lesson learned.