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From apache to nginx
Sat 06 October 2012 — download

I just moved the majority of my web infrastructure from Apache to nginx, and I'm pretty happy with this move.

Initially, I just wanted to deploy a dead-simple Python web application, and doing it (in a clean way) with Apache is a complete nightmare. This was the straw that broke the camel's back: I always wanted to try something else than Apache, let's go for nginx !

First impression: the configuration's format is simple and clear ! No more mod_macro or even worses hacks, I've got my whole configuration in less than 200 lines file that is even pleasant to read ! First, I wanted to use it as frontend to Apache and as reverse-proxy for various others to play with Python and Ruby, but I ended with Apache being used only for some uglies CGI, like Icinga's ones.

Nginx is incredibly flexible and simple (but not simplistic !), I'm using it for:

  • Reverse-proxying python/ruby web application
  • Serving and cache all my static content
  • Serving some php-powered stuffs
  • Self-proxying applications that aren't very comfortable with ssl (hint: Wordpress)

Since they are already an impressive shitload of (pleasant) documentations/examples about nginx all around the Internet, I don't post my configuration here because it's not really custom/exceptional. But feel free to drop me a mail if you absolutely want it.

Except some blogposts about deploying useless stuffs with nginx ;)