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Thu 16 July 2015 — download

Forseti is an Æsir god of justice and reconciliation in Norse mythology, but it's was also a German neofolk band, lead by Andreas Ritter and created almost 20 years ago. The group doesn't exist anymore since Andreas got a heart attack in 2005, leaving him with sequels.

Forseti - Erde cover

I'm not really into this kind of music, but I really appreciated their latest album entitled Erde (Earth), a really clam and relaxing masterpiece, with a lot of acoustic guitar, violin and some flute. It's quite refreshing compared to the deluge of electronic/artificial music that we have today; the themes of their songs are mostly nature, melancholy, some German poetry, mythology, … also, bonus point, they are singing with a really clear voice non-technical German, which make the lyrics easy to understand for someone who hasn't listen to German since a long time ;)